American Literature

Time Sharing

“…a folie a deux only a skilled writer could handle convincingly. Krawiec is well up to the challenge. He brings to life two characters whose inchoate longings are as credible as Romeo and Juliet’s.”
Publisher’s Weekly Recommended List

“…chronicles in unflinching detail the wounded efforts of two fringe people to construct their version of a nuclear family…at its core this novel expresses an honest, elaborately detailed sense of horror.”
-The New York Sunday Times Book Review

“Krawiec writes with an energy that smolders on the page, and yet he makes it look so easy.”
-Elmore Leonard

“Possesses an engaging, off-beat humor…and considerable poignancy. First rate satire. Genuinely touching.”
-Richard Eder, L.A. Times

“An earnest, kindly book about hard lives, bad luck, and persistent dreams. Sincere and honorable.”
-Jonathon Yardley, Washington Post

Faith In What?

“Krawiec credibly limns the hearts and trials of characters worth caring about.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

“A gritty, powerful novel. The modest, hard-won victories that provide the climax of this angry, exact, robust novel feel both believable and just.”
–Kirkus Reviews

And Fools Of God

“There’s no denying his gift for storytelling, the stark truthfulness of detail, the sense of finding oneself in the grip of life the way it really is rather than the way fiction mongers have told us it is.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“Skillfully depicts how people become part of a vicious cycle as both victims and victimizers. Moments of hope occur when these characters reach out…to practice simple compassion.
–Library Journal

Women Who Loved Me Despite

“These are the poems of a life lived, their imagery taken primarily from the natural world but also from streets and vacant lots, back seats and back alleys. Women Who Loved Me Despite deals with fatherhood and loyalty, love realized and love betrayed, the lessons and misadventures of a man coming into his prime. I admire their small triumphs and celebrations, their refusal to look away from life’s pain, and their hard-won occasional humor.”
-Joseph Millar