Richard Krawiec

“Harsh, tender, generous and desperate. I talk about this author to everyone I meet.”
«Âpre, tendre, généreux et désespéré. Je parle de cet auteur à tous ceux que je croise.»
-Hervé Le Corre

“Krawiec writes with an energy that smolders on the page, and yet he makes it look so easy.”
«Richard Krawiec écrit avec une énergie qui embrase la page, et qui semble pourtant couler de source.»
– Elmore Leonard

“…engaging, off-beat humor…and considerable poignancy. First rate satire. Genuinely touching.”
-Richard Eder, L.A. Times

“He brings to life two characters whose inchoate longings are as credible as Romeo and Juliet’s.”
–Publisher’s Weekly Recommended List

“There’s no denying his gift for storytelling, the stark truthfulness of detail, the sense of finding oneself in the grip of life the way it really is rather than the way fictionmongers have told us it is.”
–Kirkus Reviews

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